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WIT. Indonesia

WIT Indonesia, an information technology company in Bandung -especially in information system was founded at 2010. We have 4 main divisions, they are Website Division, App Division, Networking & Hardware Division, and Multimedia Division With 15 young and creative member, WIT. Indonesia has developed many project, from micro to multinational company. After 5 years, WIT. Indonesia has become business consultant in information system and continously helping clients / partners in IT with their main product, E-Commerce Website named WIT Commerce. WIT Commerce can help online sales increase rapidly. Also, WIT has ERP based Product named WMS which can make business suply chain easier and more neat. WMS concentrate on retail industry and food and beverage industry. We believe, by using information technology to the maximum level, it will maximize you business anyway. WIT Indonesia is ready to be a reliable business partner to handle your IT system.


Three basic personal attitudes to serve customer from the entire WIT team to reach it’s vision is Innovative, Creative and Teamwork or called as ICT.


The actions of each individual as WIT team to keep innovating and developing the latest technological development.


Each individual is trained to always be creative in working on projects or make a product in order to achieve customer satisfaction.


Besides collaboration among the team, working together with the customer always continues to be maintained in order to gain customer satisfaction