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Hi! I’m Irfan Arsandi

CEO & Founder
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About Irfan Arsandi

He's hard worker with big talent in tech !

by Agit Bambang

Jobs & Experience

Okt 2019 - Now CEO WIT. Indonesia
Okt 2017 - Now Chairman W. Enterprise
Jan 2016 - Jan 2019 Enterpreneur Coach Edu Global School

Programming & Skills

Node JS

Skills & abilities


My Specialities

UI & UX Mobile App

Design is the part of Experience

Layering Tech Consultant

Everything can do with Tech

Web Engineers

Website is your Face in The World

Hobbies & Interests

  • Travelling
  • Photo
  • Video

"Good Artist Steal, Great Artist Still"

10 years of experence - over 200 happy clients!

Latest Posts
October 28, 2016

After & Review – Sharing is Caring

  Sharing is Caring, 22 October 2016. After we see this show we can be a lot of experiences that we learn from the speakers is amazing. The anniversary of WIT. Indonesia's 6th they present a token of appreciation to clients and the public in explaining how important online platform in building a stable business in Indonesia. By inviting several businesses ranging from large of the online games are greater than offline, they share with each other how in an era of rapid global online we stay in business by leveraging online platforms, such as websites and social media.

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October 31, 2015

WIT. 5th Anniversary

In 2015 we celebrated the fifth year of our company which was held in place of one of our client, namely butchers bill on October 30, 2016. In this event we promote back 3 our bestproduct. their are: WIT Commerce, WMS & Maxinetics

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October 30, 2014

WIT. 4th Anniversary

The fourth year is the year of our test where we proceed to the third year that introductory period of a company in the public eye. And the fourth year we have also issued several new products and innovations and resolve issues which offers our clients. Continuing struggle with developing internal company well, it also strengthens the company is looking to the public like where our team is very solid and the brunt of any problems that hit us.

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October 30, 2013

WIT. 3rd Anniversary

Year 3rd is the anniversary of an event that is in later by us, an event where we can develop myself and continue the vision of our mission in running IT consultant firm. In this event, this time we collaborate with one restaurant to arrange a meeting between us and the clients we told each other how the impression of year message to 3 WIT. in this event is also the first time we are introducing the company as WIT. Indonesia, previously called Warm-Up IT. By presenting our logo and new concepts for better known by the old clients both new clients. WIT. Indonesia is the new name of our movement and to take into quick movement and our processes to achieve the next goal.

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October 30, 2012

WIT. 2nd Anniversary

The second time we share the happiness with the client and orphanages, where we share the story of how we can run to the second anniversary of this. quite a lot of guests who come and contribute, and feedback to us to be stronger and more forward again, here not only to celebrate our birthday but also to share what they think WIT cooperate together over the years. The second year, is the test for us to survive in a stratup IT, also the year in which we continue to deliver continuous innovation to her each year to survive and provide good service to customers.

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