October 17, 2016

Sharing is Caring

WIT. Indonesia Presents Sharing is Caring : The Role of Online Platform in Creative Industry Development in Indonesia Get free and exclusive chances of: 1. Workshop Kit (Notebook & Pen). 2. Certificate. 3. Special Discount Cards from WIT. Indonesia Family. 4. Free Coffee. This free seminar is conducted by experienced speakerys and also well known figures in Indonesia especially in Bandung creative industry. Venue: Eduplex 2nd Floor Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) No. 84 Bandung - Indonesia Time: Saturday, October 22nd 2016 10 am - 4 pm The Speakers: 1. Oki Earlivan Sampurno (Founder & CEO of PT. Edu Global Indonesia). 2. Laksita Pradnya (Young Entrepreneur & Founder of Voria Socks). 3. Explore Bandung (Instagram Community). 4. Adit Yara (Founder of NIION & Ghaisaniyara). 5. Rizky Yanuar (Founder of Ouval Research & Gummo). 6. Agit Bambang (Founder of Amble Footwear & Mie Merapi). 7. Annisa Hudaya (Founder of Happy Go Lucky). 8. Dani Huda (Professional Photographer). 9. Irfan Arsandi (Founder of WIT. Indonesia). 10. Valerie & Veronika (Founder of Lookats Project). 11. Psy Coffee (Barista, Roaster, Independent Coffee Supply & Coffee Consultant) Moderators: 1. Edward Satria (Founder of Wormhole Store). 2. Kinasih Saraswati (Founder of Serkha). Branding Executor: 1. Dassein…

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